Travelator Upgrade

We continue the works of Southgate’s Vertical Transport Upgrade with stage 2 of 3 beginning on Monday 10th August. This includes the upgrade of our four travelators that move customers from the basement and rooftop carparks to the shop floor. This will cause some disruption however will provide a more efficient service for our customers well into the future.

Travelator Upgrade Important Information:

Start Date: Monday 10th August 2020
Duration: Approximately 10 weeks with a completion date due to be mid-end October 2020
Scope: Replacement of our four travelators that move customers from the Rooftop and Basement Carparks.
Contact: Centre Management – 9522 8400


What are the Vertical Transport upgrade works?

The Vertical Transport (VT) is the lifts, escalators and travelators that you use to access the centre. Southgate’s VT has not been upgraded for many years, and with the services tiring it was time to replace them all to provide a more reliable and safe service for you, our customers. We have completed stage 1, the lift located by Just Cuts. Stage 2 upgrades begin on Monday 10th August and are a full replacement of the four travelators that move customers from the rooftop and basement carparks to the shop floor.. The final stage, stage 3 will be the replacement of our escalator and will commence once stage 2 is complete.

What is Southgate doing to assist customers?

To assist our customers whilst the travelators are unavailable, we can confirm:

  • Customer Service Staff will be available in the carparks and within the centre.
  • Additional signage has been placed throughout the centre to easily identify lifts, escalators and stairs.
  • A FREE shuttle service will operate daily 10am-2pm from the rooftop carpark, transporting customers to the main centre entrance outside Pavement Café and back again. Wait in either of our pickup points and our shuttle drivers will be there to help you and your groceries get back and forth to your cars.
  • We have a second shuttle service operating until Sunday 30th August, transporting customers with shopping and disabilities in the basement carpark from the travelator entrance to the lift and back.

How will I know where to go?

We have increased directional signage to help customers navigate the centre. We also have customers service staff on the floor and in the carparks assisting customers to and from their cars.

Why is Southgate upgrading the travelators?

The replacement of our travelators, escalators and lifts is required to ensure the ongoing safety and reliability of our vertical transport options around the centre. These works are programmed in advance to ensure efficient service into the future.

What impact will this have on my experience at Southgate?

In the short term this will disrupt access to the centre from the rooftop and basement carparks. In the long term however, the new lifts, travelators and escalators will provide a more reliable service for you for many years to come.

How will you be keeping us updated as to progress on the upgrades?

Regular updates on our social media channels, Facebook & Instagram as well as via our website and EDM. If you would like to stay up to date sign up to our database in the header of this page, or follow us on social media:




Where is the best place to park while the travelators are down?
We encourage customers to park in the front carpark near McDonald’s, or on the rooftop carpark by the lifts or escalators. There are directional signs advising customers of the nearest lift and escalators, if you find yourselves unable to park in your usual spot.
How should I take my groceries back to the car?
  1. Push your trolley out the front entrance and up the ramp to your car in the front carpark.
  2. Take your trolley in one of our lifts.
  3. Catch the free shuttle service between the front entrance and the rooftop carpark 10-2 daily.
  4. Carry your bags with the assistance of our customer service staff up the escalator, or down the stairs by Kmart.
How can I access the centre from the rooftop carpark?
  1. The lift behind Pavement café is still operating and provides access between the front entrance and the rooftop carpark.
  2. Alternatively, the lift behind Just Cuts also provides access to the rooftop carpark.
  3. The escalators near Woolworths will also be fully functional.
  4. There is a free shuttle service to take customers between the rooftop carpark and front entrance between 10am-2pm daily.
How can I access the centre from the basement carpark? There are two ways to enter the centre from the basement carpark.

  1. There is a free shuttle service (for the first three weeks only) taking customers between the bottom of the travelators to the lift, which exits just outside Pavement Café at the front entrance.
  2. Alternatively, customers can use the stairs outside Kmart.

Who do I contact for additional queries?

For more information on the Southgate Vertical Transport works, please contact Centre Management on 9522 8400 or email us at

We thank you for your patience as we work to make Southgate a better place for our Southgate community.