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Southgate Bushfire Appeal

Support those affected by the devastating bushfires with a generous donation in centre today to one of our three chosen organisations.

Donation boxes are located inside the centre.

New South Wales Rural Fire Service
The NSW RFS is widely acknowledged as the largest volunteer fire service in the world. Members of the NSW RFS are trained to very high levels of competence to ensure they know what to do in an emergency.

With the large number of unprecedented bushfires and heatwaves the RFS is experiencing extremely difficult conditions. RFS teams are working around the clock to stop these bushfires and protect the thousands of people, homes and wildlife affected.

Your generous donation goes a long way to supporting these volunteers.

The Salvation Army
Salvation Army Emergency Services (SAES) teams are responding to devastating bushfires in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland as an unprecedented number of emergency-level fires cause tragic loss of life and property.

Your generous donation means that they can deliver crucial support right when it’s needed, and that they can stay as long as it takes to help local communities make a full recovery.
The Salvation Army offers a range of services and assistance measures to help people who have been impacted by bushfires including:

  • Financial assistance
  • Emotional wellbeing and support services
  • Information, referrals and advice.

Horrific unrelenting fires continue to decimate NSW during one of the worst droughts in history. During the catastrophic fires, lives have been lost, hundreds of homes have been lost, over 4.9 million hectares of land has been destroyed and dozens of fires are still burning.

Wires need urgent assistance to help with these unprecedented emergencies. To help rescue wildlife please generously today.